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Windsor Saddlers creates leather items completely hand stitched using quality materials.  Bespoke made belts and items made just for you.   Repairs undertaken and variety of commission of works considered together with corporate items.


Windsor Saddlers are proud to hold a licence with The Secretary of State for Defence to use trademarks for Tri Services enabling quality items with colours or emblems of specific regiments/ corps.

About Us

After serving 24 years in the HM Forces it was difficult to decide way forward.   Some skills learnt during the time was put towards repairing  / creating leather items and producing quality work for people to appreciate.    

Undertaking commissions, repairs and creating new items for all and able to continue to work with HM Forces after securing, for the third term, a licence with The Secretary of State for Defence has been a great stride forward. 

Of particular pride we are able to make bespoke items and leather belts, made to measure, to ensure you get the best fit.


A Customer Said...

Great, bought a belt I will wear always!

M Turnip.  July 2019

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