Windsor Saddlers - Belt Company

Gift Vouchers / Pre-Paid Vouchers
If you have received one of the above you will also receive details of what to do.
Discount Vouchers
Please view the website and make your decision for purchase.  
Once decided what you would like to order email Ws directly confirming any reference code and requirements.
For any of the above vouchers
Please see terms and conditions which also relate to voucher recipients. 
If there is a difference for additonal cost or postage this is to be met at the time of order directly by you.  Please ask Ws for payment details or please see "additional postage" under Gift Voucher tab to pay postage costs via paypal.  Other forms of payment accepted, please discuss with Ws.
Vouchers last for 12 months and are non-refundable.  Voucher can only be redeemed for goods and no cash refunded.   Once voucher has expired it is unredeemable and will not be accepted to pay for goods.