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Bespoke Woven Belt 1

Inspired by style icons this belt was requested as a bespoke item.
Windsor Saddlers were provided with an image from the film SPECTRE Brunello Cocinelli Belt that James Bond wore in Morocco - this is really difficult to create but this item has Centre bar rectangular frame silver (nickel) buckle and the leather is created with detail as a woven / leather with a solid leather strap end with, if you wish, initials stamped.
This belt is 1 1/2 inch wide.
This belt created the illusion requested for a belt to be shown off !!
Initials can be stamped at the front behind the buckle if desired, please ask !
There are two options of Woven Belt - 1 and 2  and available in two colours.
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Bespoke Belt 1
Woven Belt 1
Price: £160.00
Waist Size In Inches:
Colour of Belt:
Woven Belt 2 
This belt in slightly wider than 1 1/2 inch wide
Available in two colours - Chestnut and Dark Brown

Bespoke Belt 2
Woven Belt 2
Price: £230.00
Belt Size in Inches:
Colour of Belt:
 Bespoke Belt 3 
After creating the woven belts, I was asked from a Daniel Craig fan asking if I could make something on the lines of what he wore in the film Flashback of a Fool. Comes in chestnut colour with silver rivets and brass pyramid rivets. It has a beautiful square silver buckle. 
Here you go with the finished product.
This belt is 40mm wide.

Bespoke Belt 3
Price: £140.00
Waist Size in Inches:

Please see terms & conditions together with sizing & measurement for further instructions.